With a single cycle instruction RISC CPU, innovative Pico Power technology, and a rich feature set, the AVR architecture ensures fast code execution combined with the lowest possible power consumption. For high level application every nano second is countable. This program promises of encounter of all kind signal types that are required in most of high end projects.


• Difference between MCS-51 (CISC) & AVR (RISC) family of microcontrollers
• The RISC architecture of AVR family’s micro controller
• Study, software programming and Hardware interfacing of following External with AVR family microcontroller:
   –Port programming & led interfacing
   –LCD and Seven segment display
   –Motor and relay interfacing
   –A/D and D/A converters
   –PPI (8255) and Real Time Clock
   –Watchdog timer(1232)
   –Serial communication
   –Matrix keyboard interfacing
   –Hardware and Software Interrupts
   –Stepper/DC motor control
   –Study and programming of on-chip devices
 • Design and Testing of avr family Microcontroller Evaluation Board